Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Eve Party Bundle +Freebie!!

Hello everyone!

Some days ago I did released my wonderful, funny and happy Christmas Kit. A colorful bright kit in just tree colors, red, green and white. But I did too frames, quick pages, cards and a dotted alpha, that makes a great bundle with a great discount of 50%!!!

Here are my previews

Aveziur-EveParty-preview Aveziur-EvePartyPp-preview Aveziur-EvePartyFrames-preview Aveziur-EvePartyQP-preview Aveziur-EvePartyAlpha-preview 

A closer look

Aveziur-EvePartyEllies-show1 Aveziur-EvePartyEllies-show2 Aveziur-EvePartyEllies-show3 Aveziur-EvePartyAlpha-show Aveziur-EvePartyEllies-show4

And, for your inspiration, my Creative Team wonderful layouts

101119_EveParty_Agraf By Agraf

By Leila_Ingmar

101119_EveParty_Yogovonne By Yogovonne

101129_EveParty_Manuela By Manuela

101126_EveParty_Agraf By Agraf

101123_EveParty_JeanAnn2 By Jean-Ann (theçstudio Creative Team)

101124-Y-como-pasa-el-tiempo By me

And my little present

Aveziur-EvePartyAdd-preview Download

Hope you like it. Enjoy and have fun!!!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sale with DOORBUSTERS!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today at Digital Scrapbooking Studio are having a HUGE SALE all weekend long. It starts now and gets better on Black Friday.

* save 40% in our Personal Use Store
* save 30% in our Commercial Use Store

And on Black Friday save 10% more and shop early for… our first ever…. DOORBUSTERS! You will find Doorbusters in our both our Personal Use & Commercial Use stores. These won’t run out, but they will end early!


psssst… here’s a hint for you. Look for our current Featured Products to turn into the fantabulous Doorbusters on Friday!

Resoruce: theStudio Blog

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Commercial Use, Pack or Kit?

Hello everyone. I’ve been going around designers blogs this morning, and you have to be too strong to see how many people have such a great imagination, big, bigger than you have, to be strong to don’t follow down when you can’t reach your goals. But, I’m more than forty so you must learn before you get here that the things you do are the best, at least for yourself :D

So here I come with my last two Packs of elements. The digi-scrapbook-fashion now are the Commercial Use Mini-Kits, where you can find all kind of elements about a theme, simplifying the designer work. But I do Packs, packs because when I need an element that I can’t do myself, I just look for one kind, no for more. Of course I bought CU Mini-Kits more than ones, but I’m still looking for great CU designs of just one type of embellishment.

If you are looking for flowers, for snowflakes, for country winter felling goods,  this pack is for you. Burlap, newspaper an glitter are the textures and sorry about the girls who hate drop shadows, but these flowers are shadowed between layers lol.


And a 100% closer


It doesn’t appear real, it’s just an digi-illusion. Well, hope you like it and enjoy it. See you soon!!!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

On second thoughts, I think I'll do it later +Freebie!!

Hello everyone. Is one of my favorite sentences! Or at least, one of that I think usually when I have to write in English. I don’t mind to write, I love do it, but in Spanish!! But, I discover that the translations are not always too good (so is my English).

So, let me do my best writing about my Commercial Use last Packs. Well, better if I show you the previews of my last products, from the newest to the oldest.

Shabby Fabric Flowers Pack


Shabby Fabric Flowers Pack includes tree different flowers in various light colors.

Shabby Fabric Flower Freebie (a little gift to you)



Transparent Holiday Signs


This pack includes 55 Transparent Signs about vacations, holidays and have fun, and their 55 Clipping Mask to facilitate the job.

Retro 70’ Goods


What's funny is now thinking about the 70´s.
Here are some elements that remind me when I was a girl.

Felt Flairs

Flairs / Buttons that you can use in several kits

Going into details


Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy and have fun!!!

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Happy DSD with a freebie of theStudio designers!

Hello again. Today is the Digital Scrapbooking Day and to celebrate, the designers of theStudio has created for you a beautiful “Shabby Holiday” Blog Train.

Here is my part

Aveziur Download
** Sorry, no longer available **
You can find it at my store

We use this wonderful palette

Follow these links to complete the Train

www.aveziur.com  ** YOU ARE HERE **

And here is a Slide-Show of the previews

Hope you like it and enjoyed!!! See you soon.
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Thursday, November 04, 2010

A very late Happy Halloween :( +Freebie!!

Hello everyone. I know, I know, we are all thinking about the next Digital Scrapbooking Day (November 6th) and I’m going to talk about Halloween, 5 days ago. Yeap! But as you know, I’ve been packing for moving to my new store, so my Halloween Kit has had to wait until now. Sniff!
I just release “Dark Feelings” with a 20% off, like a “I’m sorry for the delay”, but I hope some of you didn’t buy any other Halloween kit yet and have tons of photos to scrap. If you are one of this people, please take a look at my new kit
And of course some of my talented girls layouts
101101_Dark_YogovonneBy Yogovonne
101027_Dark_Helga2By Krisz
101103_Dark_Agraf1By Agraf
101103_Dark_Agraf2    By Agraf
101031_Dark_Me By me
And for the delay, I made a freebie add-on for you
Download from theStudio
Sorry, no longer available. You can find it at my store

Hope to see you soon!!
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Great news!

Hello everyone, my great news are I’m the new designer of Digital Scrapbooking Studio in both stores, personal use an commercial use. I’ll tell you when is going to be the official opening, and for sure with an amazing opening sales and much more!



eqrAveziur at theStudio

eqrAveziur at theStudio Commercial

Digital Scrapbooking Studio is a great store, with a lot of themes, tutorials, challenges, weekly newsletter and of course, great Designers and Creative Teams. There are in theStudio, a very important quality control team too, and a great administration team helping you whenever you need. So, how can I ask for more?

Stay tuned. See you soon.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

November Blog Train Freebie

Hello again. As usual each two months, here comes a new huge Blog Train. This month is about “The Orient” and you can find a lot of great elements a papers, that you can use for a lot of LO’s.

Here is my preview


*** Sorry, no longer available. Check for a great deal here ***

I made a wonderful papers and elements, so don’t miss it!!!

And as always, here is the designers list :

Blog Train Freebies page: http://blogtrainblog.blogspot .com

1. Trish H. Designs
2. caged bird designs
3. Kiss This Designs
4. Mikki Designs
5. Delicious Scraps
6. JayaPrem's Hangout
7. Snips and Snails Designs
8. LaLi Creations
9. Misty O'Brien
10. LauraMarie Scraps
11. Designs By Amanda
12. Just Passin' Thru
13. Jen C Designs
14. Roseytoes Designs
15. JKCreations
16. CharmCityScraps
17. geniaBeana Scraps
18. Daybreak Scraps
19. Digi Overdose
20. Connie Prince
21. My4Princesses Designs
22. Girl Boy Girl Designs
23. Jeanne Marie Scraps
24. Word Art World by Jennifer
25. A-liya
26. Bon Scrapatit Designs
27. LizardDauDesigns
28. eqrAveziur graphic & design  *** YOU ARE HERE***
29. Digilicious Designs
30. Tempus fugit
31. MoonDesigns
32. Aprilisa Designs
33. jusme digital
34. Designs by Lisa Minor
35. MagsGraphics
36. Three Hearts
37. Sugar Pie Scraps
38. Designs by Angel
39. Shel Belle Scraps
40. steadfast and Immovable
41. Princess Lala Designs
42. Sara E Designs
43. NBK-Design
44. JeNaSis DeSiGn
45. FoxyDesigns
46. Luv Ewe Designs
47. Anelia.net
48. Major Scrapola
49. Dylabel Designs
50. Jen Reed Designs
51. MaitriScraps
52. Rose Thorn
53. Design by Anita
54. BeeHaven Designz
55. Blue Flower Art
56. mITSYBELLE Designs
57. Fair & Square Studio by Annick
58. Mye De Leon
59. Shelly Marie Scraps
60. Aimee Harrison
61. Creations Pasko
62. Photocowgirl
63. HotFlashDesigns
64. Eyeinspire
65. Scraps by Mara
66. designs by jmdt
67. Scrappin Wright
68. Designs by Jen Yurko
69. Barbara Speck Designs
70. Milly Dee Designs
71. Kate McClellan Designs
72. Circle Of Life Scraps
73. Angel Hartline Designs
74. Wyld Web Designs
75. Pixie Perfect Deisgns
76. MelanieDesigns
77. Scrapbookizate
78. Pretty in Green
79. Designs by Keira
80. RebeccaPSP Designs
81. Colleen Lynch
82. Color With Caryn
83. QoQo
84. Digital Creations From Millstream Cottage
85. AW Design
86. Jen Maddocks Designs
87. ruby lane
88. CC's digital designs
89. A Work in Progress - Designs by Vicki
90. Royanna Fritschmann |Studio RA Designs
91. Munchkyn Scraps
92. Peony Blue
93. StudioCaroline
94. Christine Smith Digital Design
95. Simply Kelly Designs
96. Wishing Well Creations
97. ViVa Artistry
98. The Brown Owl
99. Juicy Bits

And the slide show:

Oh, and for my previews visitors of freebies, thanks so much. Here are the number of the downloads


Isn’t it amazing? And if you are new to this great group of people, I love to see your comments, so just spend one more minute here and leave me one!!!

Hope to see you soon!

Oh, and for my previews visitors of freebies, thanks so much. Here are the number of the downloads


Isn’t it amazing? And if you are new to this great group of people, I love to see your comments, so just spend one more minute here and leave me one!!!

Hope to see you soon!

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