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Doors Closed. Hearts Opened.

We’re proud to announce that this year’s closed2open was a success. Everyone on the team fanned out into schools and nonprofits in the community to give back a little bit of our time and talent. And a lot of fans like yourself pitched in on the effort as well — we owe you endless gratitude.

Tell Your Tale and Win

To those who pledged hours and volunteered, we want to give you a special thank you. We also want to hear how your day went. Shoot us an email with your name, your volunteer story and a square photo of the event, and you’re automatically entered to win some LifeProof gear. It’s one small way for us to say we appreciate all that you do.

See the Official Rules for details and eligibility requirements.

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2018 By The Numbers

Why Is This So Important?

Entrepreneurship is on the decline and philanthropy levels are flat — it’s time to Ignite Tomorrow Today!

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