Frequently Asked Questions

Case Questions

When will you release a new case for my device?

Due to our design and manufacturing processes as well as agreements with our partners, LifeProof is not able to release product launch dates or timelines to customers at this time. If you hear or see launch/shipping dates regarding a product we have not yet released a launch date for from somewhere other than, companies outside LifeProof have likely determined those dates. If you have questions regarding these dates, please contact that company directly.

Are your cases compatible with other products like the Apple bumpers, iPad Smart Cover or the ZAGG InvisibleShield?

Our cases are precision-fit to the device. Any other products that change the dimensions of the device are not compatible with our cases.

How do you clean the case?

Our cases can generally be cleaned with mild soap and water, then air dried or dried lightly with a paper towel.

Are your cases intrinsically safe?

Because LifeProof cases are designed to work with electronic devices, they are not intrinsically safe. There are a wide variety of devices on the market so to determine if your device and the LifeProof case together are intrinsically safe they would need to be tested by a certified testing lab.

Warranty Questions

How long is my LifeProof product under warranty? What does the warranty policy cover?

Find more information about the duration of our warranty and what it covers here.

How do I request a replacement? Will I be required to provide proof of my purchase?

Warranty claims can be submitted online here or by giving us a call at 1-888-533-0735. We do collect a small shipping and handling fee for all warranties as it allows us to get you a replacement product as hassle-free as possible.
We may occasionally ask for photos of the damaged product, or that damaged products be returned to us prior to shipping out a replacement product. Customers who do not comply with these requests may be denied warranty replacements.

I have sent in the requested information on my warranty claim. When will I receive my replacement?

You should receive an update on your claim within 72 hours of sending in the required information, followed by a tracking number when the replacement ships. If more than 72 hours have passed, please contact customer service for assistance.

What if my product is no longer on the warranty page or is out-of-stock?

If you cannot find your product online and you are still within the applicable warranty period outlined here, then give us a call at 1-888-533-0735, and we can check to see if your product is still available.

If I purchased my product from a retailer, can I get a warranty replacement?

If your product was purchased from an LifeProof authorized retailer, and that product is still within the applicable warranty, then your damaged product is eligible for a warranty replacement.

I need to place a warranty order for a school or business. How can I do this?

Schools or businesses should contact their LifeProof sales representative!

Why was my claim denied? What can I do about it?

Your claim may have been denied for one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • We could not validate your contact information
  • We did not receive valid verification of ownership and damage
  • We have received an excessive number of warranty claims placed by you or on your behalf*

If the above do not apply to your situation, then please reply to the denial message with photo(s) of your damaged product(s) next to a piece of paper with your name and date. Make sure that the photo(s) clearly show the damage to the product(s).

For more information, please call us at 1-888-533-0735.

*Schools or businesses should contact their LifeProof sales representative!

What is required for a warranty claim?

All warranty claims will require a small shipping and handling fee. We may also ask for photos of the damaged product, or that damaged products be returned to us prior to shipping out a replacement. Customers who do not comply with these requests may be denied a warranty replacement.

Order/Return Questions

My order wouldn't process, but I have multiple charges on my credit card. Why is this?

When you place an order on, we must contact your credit card's bank to ensure that your credit card has a valid number. This is done via a full authorization for the amount of the purchase and is merely a security measure we use to protect your financial information. While it may seem as though you have multiple charges on your credit card, these are not charges. They are authorizations that will drop off of your statement (if your order did not go through) typically within 2 – 3 business days. We only charge a credit or debit card after an order has shipped, and we only charge the card once. If these authorizations are causing problems, you can simply call your bank to get them removed. If you experience further problems, please contact our customer service team and we would be happy to help in any way possible.

My order is not processing. Why isn’t my order processing?

We’re sorry you’re experiencing unexpected delays in your order. Here is a list of possible reasons as to why your order is not processing:
  • The billing address that is on the order does not match the billing address where the card statement is mailed to
  • Unavailable funds
  • The SSC number was missing or incorrect
  • For most credit cards, enter the three-digit number that follows your account number on the back of your card. If you have an American Express card, enter the four-digit number printed above your account number on the front of your card
  • Incorrect credit card number or expiration date

My order says that one or more of the items I ordered are currently on backorder. What should I expect or do?

If one or more of the items in your order is out of stock, your order will not ship until all items are available (applicable to both domestic and international orders). Once your order ships, you will receive tracking information shortly thereafter.

Can I modify my order after I have already submitted it online?

If you've placed an order online please make sure to review your order carefully. If you find any errors, please contact us immediately at 1-888-533-0735. Due to our automated system, orders are automatically submitted to our fulfillment department as soon as they are submitted online. Please understand that we will not be able to modify your order and will need to cancel the existing order and re-place a new order.

What is your return policy?

We will accept returns within 30 days of the original purchase only if the product was purchased directly from You can read more on returns here.

How do I submit a tax exempt order?

If you wish to place a tax exempt order, please contact our B2B inside sales team at, and a LifeProof sales representative will be in touch with you shortly. Please have your Tax Exempt Form or Federal Tax Exempt ID Number ready. It can take up to 14 days to approve new customers who wish to place a tax exempt order.


When I select my residential address for FedEx shipping, do I need to be home when it arrives?

No. There is no signature required for deliveries to residential addresses. If the driver feels that it is "unsafe" to leave the package, then they will leave a note stating the options that you have for getting the package.

I live outside the United States. What is the process for shipping internationally?

All International orders are shipped via USPS International or FedEx International. The cost of shipping is calculated automatically based on weight and location when you place your order online. You will be able to view the cost before you submit your final order. LifeProof has no control over the cost of duties and taxes that are imposed upon import to any country outside the United States and cannot be held responsible for compensation. Please note that we are obligated by law to declare the proper value on all shipments.

I am in the military; can LifeProof ship to an APO address?

We do ship to military addresses via FedEx SmartPost. Please allow 2 – 6 weeks for delivery.

When can I expect to receive my order?

LifeProof offers several shipping methods for your convenience including free shipping via FedEx SmartPost. Estimated shipping times have been provided below. Please keep in mind; these time frames include our processing period, which can take up to 72 business hours.
  • FedEx SmartPost
  • Contiguous United States - 8-13 Business Days
  • Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Territories - 17-21 Business Days
  • APO/FPO - 2-6 Weeks

Will I be able to track my order? If so, how do I track it?

Yes. Once the order has been shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking information. You can enter the tracking number at Please note, it may take 1 – 2 days after shipment for the tracking information to update.